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1. Cookies

Cookies are small data files that websites can write to your "browser memory" when you visit them. Once written, the cookie can only be accessed by the site that originally created it. Our site uses cookies to store personal site preferences, session information, and ordering information specific to registered users.

2. Advertisement

Some external sites included in, for example, Weather widgets or our Rent a Car partner, could contain advertisement and cookies. While we use only basic cookies on our site, we are not responsible for the cookies set of this external sites nor for the information they might collect.

3. Membership

We collect customer contact information from the registration form. We will never provide or sell any information to third parties.
This information can be used:

  • To send answers, quotes, plans, invoices or information about tours and seasons which may be useful to you.
  • To monitor the membership section of our site.
  • To improve our site and services.


4. Payment Security

All online transactions through our website are handled with industry-standard SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) using Paypal and their high-end encryption system of Paypal. Secure SSL means that when you enter the purchase button, your information and your purchase goes through a secure encryption process. This prevents any person on the Internet from seeing any information you submit. 

5. Disclaimer

Our site may contains links to other sites. While we provide links to them, we are not responsible for their content or privacy policies. We strongly recommend that you read the Privacy Policy of the linked websites as they may contain further terms and conditions different to our policies.








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