Weather forecast for Guanacaste

The weather plays a relevant role in the tourist experience and here at Mardigi can check it out in full color!

We have worked and included these weather forecast tools for Guanacaste so you can make better desicions when choosing your tour destinations and schedules.

It doesn't matter if it's rainy, windy or sunny. In our experience…a good tour could be so much fun with any kind of weather. The important is to know what to expect and get ready to enjoy it! Here you can see a detailed forecast for the upcoming days in Guanacaste so you can get informed. Check out the weather and choose the days for your tours according to your preferences and the expected weather for those days. 

   Here a chart with weather forecast for Guanacaste on the next 10 days.

Forecast for Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Last Update: 31.12.1969 19:00
Latitude: 0° N
Longitude: 0° E

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