Let's be green with Mardigi Tours

If you’ve resolved to travel and make a difference, there’s no shortage of amazing volunteer abroad programs awaiting you. Whether you’re a student, or you’re taking a gap year, or you’re a professional or a career break traveler, you’re guaranteed to find a volunteer placement, language immersion opportunity, or hands-on internship that will allow you to explore the world, make a difference, and meet new friends.

ENVIRONMENT PROGRAM: Let´s be green with Mardigi recognized the importance of protecting the environment, our commitment is expressed the efforts to tackle complex environmental problems at home and some communities, from creating park at Panama town where children will have the opportunity to play in a safe place, plant trees and more... Through its grant making, the Environment Program pursues four goals designed to protect the environment for future generations.

Goals: Conserve the ecological integrity for people and wildlife. Avoid the worst effects of global climate change by reducing garbage on the streets. Looking to the healthy future: Let's be green recognized the importance to be in good health, in this spot we will do garbage collection campaigns to avoid some diseases such as Dengue, chikungunya and Zika and campaigns of fumigations. Become part of this program with a contribution.

Program of culture, sports and recreation: all these spots are vital to the health and well-being of human beings, and strengthens communities by encouraging volunteer involvement and providing constructive activities for youth.


Go Greener by touring with Mardigi Tours


Mardigi Tours Sustainability Policy

In Mardigi Tours we achieve customer satisfaction through a responsible management of natural and cultural resources of the environments we visit.  We seek the least environmental impact as well as nature conservation and socio-economic benefit of the local business and citizens.

Mardigi Tours takes care of Costa RicaTo achieve this we fulfill the following commitments:

As active members of Guanacaste Chamber of Tourism we care and work for the future of Guanacaste. Mardigi Tours is part of the board of directors of CATURGUA and from there we support and promote sustainability among the province business and government institutions.

All these politics goes much deeper and are clearly defined by the following documents: